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Representing one of Alberta's most eminent and impactful business associations, Lindsey Knudson and Reg Warkentin have joined forces to amalgamate their comprehensive expertise, skills, and knowledge in marketing and communications, aimed at facilitating organizational success.

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Lindsey boasts a diverse portfolio of clientele from various industries. Her aptitude in communications, branding, graphic design, public relations, and project management enables her to curate tailored communication strategies to meet specific business objectives. Moreover, Lindsey has successfully organized and executed high-profile public events, liaised with government authorities, and effectively reported to board of directors.

Reg is an accomplished professional in policy advocacy and communication with an established track record of influencing policy change, fostering robust relationships, and reinforcing the business community. Possessing a background in business, economics, and political science, Reg's unwavering commitment to establishing positive stakeholder and client relationships, communicating effectively, and driving growth makes him a reliable and motivated advocate.

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